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View of the courtyard by the workshops. These workshops used to house carpenters, mirror-makers, tinners, tailors, beaders, and so on.

View of the courtyard of the Çankırı Prison from the workshops toward the gate. Nâzım's famous photograph with cats was taken in front of this gate. When we went to see him, we'd sit and talk to the right, where a man is standing.

Tinning Shop, Çankırı, 1940, crayon on paper, 35x25 cm.

Bursa, 1941, oil on canvas, 28x25 cm.

Patients in Line, Bursa, oil on canvas, 46x25 cm.

Nâzım's paintings carried no socio-political message. He attempted such only in two paintings he made while in the Bursa Prison, and by use of colour attempted to lend efficacity to the sick waiting at the doctor's door and soldiers going to war.

Soldiers going to war, Bursa, oil on canvas, 46x25 cm.