• 1925, The Ankara State Independence Court Case
  • 1927-1928, The Istanbul Criminal Court Case
  • 1928, The Rize Criminal Court Case
  • 1928, The Ankara Criminal Court Case
  • 1931, The Case at the Istanbul Second Criminal Court of First Instance
  • 1933, The Istanbul Criminal Court Case
  • 1933, The Case at the Istanbul Third Criminal Court of First Instance
  • 1933-1934, The Bursa Criminal Court Case
  • 1936-1937, The Istanbul Criminal Court Case
  • 1938, The Case at the Military Court of the Military College Headquarters
  • 1938, The Case at the Military Court of the Naval Headquarters

    1936-1937, The Istanbul Criminal Court Case

    There was a coffee house in Taksim which was a hang-out of writers and actors. Nâzım made his appointments there. On 30 December 1936, as those he had been waiting for in that coffee house did not come, he took his hat and newspaper, and left the coffee house. After he walked a few steps, three undercover policemen from the First Division approached him, and informed him that they were going to take him to Sansaryan Han in Sirkeci.
    On 1 January 1937, the newspapers reported that thirteen people had been arrested on charges of communism. Among those arrested, there were Nâzım Hikmet, Hikmet Kıvılcımlı, and Tornacı Emin Sekûn. These were in fact persons who could not have been member in the same organisation. Their path had diverged irreversibly after encounters in the illegal Turkish Communist Party. It was claimed that they had founded a communist organisation that included the Association of Textile Industry under the presidency of Nâzım Hikmet and that they had distributed flyers.
    According to the summary in the "Cumhuriyet" newspaper, Nâzım defended himself as follows:
    "The only offence that is attributed to me and was proved to be mine is the fact that Doctor Hikmet gave me a book during the May 1st arrests. The said book is a scientific book on Marxism and is sold in every bookstore in Babiâli. Is it a crime that I bought the book which is available to everyone? Nevertheless, I did not even purchase the book. Among those who are present here, I knew of Doctor Hikmet and Zeki alone. I am not acquainted with the others. It is argued that we have a password among us which is 'Do you have a light?'. They claim that when we go somewhere, we communicate with our friends by putting first our hat, than our newspaper on the table, and with the help of this password. Almost everyone takes off his hat when he enters somewhere. I know not of this kind of a password. Therefore, I neither did communist propaganda nor founded an association."

    The hearings lasted six months and concluded with the acquittal of all these charged. But Nâzım Hikmet and a number of others had been released around the middle of February and Nâzım and they were present in the hearings but not under arrest.